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The Yoga teaching trend

This post is a difficult one to write but is something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while now.

In the last 3 months I’ve had over 20 students sign up to their yoga teacher training (YTTC) at different studios.

This shows the recognition yoga is now getting and how beneficial it is to so many. However in my 10 years of teaching I've begun to observed not only an increasingly saturated market but also one that is becoming unethical and dishonest.

Anyone can be a yoga teacher as long as you have the inclination,time and money. Given the average cost of a physical YTTC is now £3,000 it is and always has been an uncomfortably privileged option (which I’m fully aware of) however you can also do a YTTC for as little as £99 online where you won’t be observed or corrected in person at all.

I’ve been contacted by many teachers asking if I'm experiencing the same situation where many students are undergoing their YTTC locally, online or abroad. This new trend is something I feel needs to be honestly spoken about.

The yoga teaching industry is completely unregulated, it’s suggested once you complete your 200-500 hour YTTC to sign up to a governing body such as Yoga Alliance or BWY, however anyone can sign up as long as you have some kind of record of training and £100 each year to use their logo.

Unless you’re fortunate enough to own a studio or have ongoing access to a space you’re up against others,even more so when it’s a slot at a popular time where I’ve heard of bidding wars over space.

Over the years I've seen those staring their yoga teaching journey fall into ideals of looking as bendy as possible, using empty quotes on how to think live (normally Rumi or Sadhguru), giving unsolicited advice, and worst of all preaching as though one is more enlightened than anyone else (which is complete BS in my opinion).

I’m thinking of starting a monthly mentorship/group for teachers and those doing their training to keep a space for an open discussion about the pitfalls of the industry, how to keep a sustainable practice and to make sure everyone is being supported in this town.

Love and light and all that utter wank language that’s thrown around,

Hannah x

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